Until now, I didn't offer a product like this. Previously, you could only receive training through the VIP tier of my course, which was much more expensive.

During the consultation, you'll be able to ask and receive answers to all your persistent questions. Additionally, I will review your Instagram profile, provide advice on Reels shooting and content optimization. I'll explain what you need to do to take your content to the next level and attract more followers. We can discuss any other topics related to comprehensive mobile video editing, launching an online school or creating your first digital product for social media sales, ect.

My consultation isn't just an investment in knowledge; it's a time-saver and an opportunity to gain valuable insights.
This scheme is simple: 1. Attract a new audience through Instagram Reels. 2. Gain subscribers. 3. Offer and sell your products or services.

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This scheme is simple:
1. Attract a new audience through Instagram Reels.
2. Gain subscribers.
3. Offer and sell your products or services.
Struggling to crack the Instagram code for your business growth? You're not alone. While others effortlessly hit multy-figure milestones, you might be stuck wondering, 'why not me?' There's a solution to this puzzle, and it's simpler than you think.

Enter my Consulation– the missing piece to your success. Whether it's tweaking your profile or revamping your content strategy, I'm here to pinpoint your blind spots and set you on the path to exceeding your Instagram goals this year.
Say goodbye to the frustration of plateauing growth and hello to a thriving Instagram presence. Book your consultation now, and let's fast-track your journey to social media success
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Analyzing your Reels and get recommendations
  • Personal session with Safronova
  • 1 hour call about your content,particularly Reels
  • Account review: Bio, Hightlights,Content
  • Trends in your niche
  • Ideas for your Reels
  • Strategy to growth through Reels
  • 7 days support after the call via messenger
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Answers to all your questions personally
Personal session with Safronova

1 hour call
Questions and Answers format

Account review: Bio, Highlights,Content

Strategy to growth through Reels

AI Tools for Content Creation

  • 7 days support via messenger
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All about video creation
Personal session with Safronova

1 hour call about Short videos on a phone

How to film Reels/TikTok

How to edit Reels?/TikTok
(I share my phone screen to show this)

Phone Settings for good quality

Anti-Shaking tips&Content Quality
  • Viral techniques
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Personal session with Safronova

FOUR *1-hour calls deep down into your full picture of IG

Q&A during every call
AI Tools for Content Creation

Materials, Video Lessons and Guides

14 days support via messenger
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Take the test. Answer YES or NO:
• Your engagement on Reels is low, and you're struggling to capture your audience's attention effectively.

• You're facing difficulties in creating Reels that align with your brand and resonate with your target audience.

• Despite your efforts, your Reels are not converting viewers into followers or customers.

• It's challenging to stay consistent with your Reels content, and you need a strategy to maintain a regular posting schedule.

• You're unsure about the latest trends and features on Instagram Reels, making it difficult to stay relevant in your niche.

• Your competitors are gaining traction on Reels, and you need to step up your game to stay ahead in the market.

• Converting Reels views into actual business growth remains a puzzle, and you need guidance on turning engagement into tangible results.

• You're concerned about appearing authentic and relatable in your Reels content while still effectively promoting your products or services.

• The potential for your brand on Instagram Reels is immense, but you lack a clear roadmap to maximize its impact on your overall business or personal brand.

• You want to leverage the power of Instagram Reels to boost not only your follower count but also your revenue, and you're ready for a customized strategy to achieve these goals.
    Thanks to that first step, I was able to buy my first car and later two apartments, one of which is practically in the center of Moscow (I was born in a small Russian town). In 2022, I moved to the USA (New York) and reoriented my blogs to a global English-speaking audience. This was challenging due to the large number of Russian-speaking followers in my blogs. But in reality, I was able to rebuild my blog from scratch. The USA recognized me as a person with extraordinary talent in video marketing and kindly approved my application for an O1 Visa. I'm incredibly grateful and excited to share all the skills and expertise I've acquired over the years. Register now:

    Since 2009, I've been working in video production. I remember that while I was finishing college and working part-time at a call center, I decided I wanted to make my life about video. With all my saved money, I managed to buy my first camera. However, I had no idea how to find clients. The camera sat unused for a year until I found my first client among my acquaintances. I remember my first shoot, even though I didn't know how to edit at the time.
    But it all turned out well. I've noticed that sometimes, people just lack the courage to take that first step into the unknown. However, that's precisely what can radically change your life. Just make this step write now.