Reels Challenge by Safronova
Day 1 Lead Magnet


A lead magnet is a valuable and enticing free offer that businesses or bloggers provide to potential followers/customers in exchange for their contact information. It serves to attract followers/potential customers. Lead magnets can include resources like ebooks, guides, webinars,lessons or other valuable content


Today your task is to Create some free product. It could be a guide in Canva, information in Notion, a Presentation, an Excel spreadsheet, or information in a Google Doc. It could also be a video tutorial, similar to what I do.

Think about what you could give your followers. Why should they subscribe to you, remember you? What can you offer them? How can you be useful to them? What are you passionate about, and what do you enjoy? What you could share.

Present this free product with text, images, a guide, a video tutorial, or possibly a compilation of useful materials or List of useful services in your niche


For different niches, examples could include a list of recipes for cooking or nutrition, a real estate catalog or principles of property selection for the Real Estate niche, a pitch text to clients for content creators, a list of locations or poses for photographers, your business principles that have brought you some achievement. There's no need to include all your knowledge in your free product. Just try to solve one specific problem or pain point for the audience you create content for. Ask GPT Chat what lead magnet you could create. Perhaps it will give you an idea. Look at other content creators in your niches and see what free products they offer.

If you say at this stage that you have nothing to offer to other people, it would be untrue. You definitely have an area in which you excel. Ask your friends and acquaintances. You just need to think and stick to one niche.

For example, on my account, I give tutorials on creating cool Viral Reels. And right now, I'm hosting this free challenge for you.


Start with something small yet relevant in your niche right now. This is called a Lead Magnet. Lead Magnet provides some value and shows that the products you create are really good and of high quality. A person who acquires them will benefit, and it's something worthwhile. After such a free Lead Magnet, you can offer your paid products. But if you don't have paid products, the Lead Magnet will simply show Instagram algorithms that you produce great content and increase engagement.

Hi, I'm Olga Safronova. In 2020, I began my TikTok blog Initially in Russian, sharing expert content on video shooting and editing.
By 2024, I expanded to a global audience from different countries with more than
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