Reels Challenge by Safronova
Day 10 Last Day. Don't Miss the Chance to Learn How to Make Your Content Incredible
Adding Music
Trending music stays relevant for a very short time, and it's crucial to use it timely. I simply scroll through the feed and assess the track's potential. First, I save the melody. When creating Reels, I pull it from the saved section and add it to the Reel. Trending music can bring additional views to your Reels. I curate such trendy tracks for the week and share them in my Telegram channel, so make use of it. I've already done the work of selecting these tracks for you!

Post these 4 Reels in the upcoming week. If you finish this challenge on Friday or during the weekend, it's better to take a break and start uploading the created Reels from Monday.

Next, it's important to keep creating Reels. Share your results. Reels is a tool that takes time to gain momentum, but once it does, it's hard to stop! So, keep creating your Reels! I know how challenging it can be to grab attention on social media. You've already put in some effort and created 4 Reels! I invite you not to stop!

That's why I want to tell you about my course, which will help you not only create stunning content from a video production standpoint but also leverage social media to its full potential. Are you ready to change your approach?
Hi, I'm Olga Safronova. In 2020, I began my TikTok blog Initially in Russian, sharing expert content on video shooting and editing.
By 2024, I expanded to a global audience from different countries with more than
1M followers only through short video content with most viewed 30M and 20M on entertaining videos and 10.6M and 9,6M on expert content
On Instagram: I have expert (not entertaining) Reels videos hitting 4.2M and 2.8M views and a lot of houndred thousand views Reels

Olga Safronova
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