Reels Challenge by Safronova
Day 2 Ideas for Viral Reels

Where to Find Ideas for Viral Reels?

If you're new to Reels, don't try to create completely original content right away. I'm not suggesting you steal content from anyone. I recommend getting inspired and studying what Instagram algorithms and your audience like.


15 Accounts and 10-15 Videos

Today, your task is to find 15 Instagram accounts similar to your chosen niche whose content you like.

Look at the headline and music used on these videos. This is crucial. Check which Reels of similar content creators gained the highest number of views among the average views for each of the found accounts. It's important that they significantly exceed the average views by 3-10 times or more. It's important that the content is fresh, ideally created no later than 3 months ago.

For example, the average number of views on Reels for a content creator whose niche overlaps with yours, and whose content you like, is 10,000 views. But suddenly, scrolling through their Reels, you see a video with 1 million views or 500,000, or at least 100,000 views – that's a clear sign that the audience resonated with that Reel's theme or idea.

Save these videos. Find at least 10 videos like that
Pay attention to the idea, the beginning, the caption, and how the video was made.
Now you have found ideas. Your task is to recreate a similar video using the same caption and Reels structure. If the music is still trending, you can use the same music. If the music has been used for a long time, check other accounts you selected, see which music recent Reels gained more views with, and use that.

Choose Reels that you can create. Select those that seem easy to you. For now, avoid Reels with complex editing unless you know how to do it. If you do, feel free to choose any.

However, simpler is better, because, regardless of how complex the editing is in your Reels, they are likely to be 5-second clips with millions of views, shot simply in one frame. To get Reels into recommendations, there are additional tricks beyond interesting editing that you will learn in this challenge.

Choose simple videos for creating Reels. It's preferable that they are 5-8 seconds.

Today, you've done a great job brainstorming ideas, and soon we'll start shooting them! Tomorrow, we'll be preparing for the shoot of these ideas!
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