Reels Challenge by Safronova
Day 4 Video lesson How to Shoot Videos for Reels
Wipe the camera lens before shooting. I often see blurry images due to this. When shooting in regular modes, lower the exposure.

I shot in cinematic mode for wide shots where I am fully in frame.
Avoid shooting overly long clips – you can use the same material for multiple Reels.Think about where the text will be on the video, leave space for text.
Hi, I'm Olga Safronova. In 2020, I began my TikTok blog Initially in Russian, sharing expert content on video shooting and editing.
By 2024, I expanded to a global audience from different countries with more than
1M followers only through short video content with most viewed 30M and 20M on entertaining videos and 10.6M and 9,6M on expert content
On Instagram: I have expert (not entertaining) Reels videos hitting 4.2M and 2.8M views and a lot of houndred thousand views Reels

Olga Safronova
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