Reels Challenge by Safronova
Day 6 Capturing the viewer's attention
It is important to use the same caption that was used in the viral video you selected as an example.

You can rephrase it, but for starters, I wouldn't even do that.

For example, if the caption was:

Instagram doesn't care how many times you post per day
But here is what it DOES priorities

you can rephrase it like:

How many times per day does Instagram expect you to post Reels?

Here is what really matters!

Hi, I'm Olga Safronova. In 2020, I began my TikTok blog Initially in Russian, sharing expert content on video shooting and editing.
By 2024, I expanded to a global audience from different countries with more than
1M followers only through short video content with most viewed 30M and 20M on entertaining videos and 10.6M and 9,6M on expert content
On Instagram: I have expert (not entertaining) Reels videos hitting 4.2M and 2.8M views and a lot of houndred thousand views Reels

Olga Safronova
Bloger - Entrepreneur @safronova_video