Reels Challenge by Safronova
Day 8 Text under Reels
Write down text for each of the 2-4 Reels you've made. At the beginning of the text under each Reel, add a catchy headline. Take a look at the example you chose for yourself. For instance, if you look at the beginning of my texts under viral Reels, you'll see another hook from the very first lines in my niche.

For example, "Boost Your reels statistics with this idea."


This my Reel

Ensure your headlines align with your niche. Avoid duplicating mine unless you're actively assisting with Reels growth. Whether you're in business, fashion, or health – tailor your Reels to your industry.

Craft compelling, lengthy, and intriguing Reel captions with triggers that offer valuable insights. Make it a read that outsiders would want to delve into, seeking more benefits from your content.

In conclusion, issue a call to action. Utilize the Lead Magnet you created earlier. Encourage your followers to drop a Word in the comments for a chance to receive your free product – the guide you introduced in the beginning, perhaps in a Google Doc format. Not Post that Reels!

Send them the link to your product once you spot the comment under your Reel. Let the engagement flow!

Tomorrow, you will learn the secret of uploading Reels in high quality.
Hi, I'm Olga Safronova. In 2020, I began my TikTok blog Initially in Russian, sharing expert content on video shooting and editing.
By 2024, I expanded to a global audience from different countries with more than
1M followers only through short video content with most viewed 30M and 20M on entertaining videos and 10.6M and 9,6M on expert content
On Instagram: I have expert (not entertaining) Reels videos hitting 4.2M and 2.8M views and a lot of houndred thousand views Reels

Olga Safronova
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