Never record videos on selfie camera
First, let’s understand why I emphasize not using the selfie camera or the Instagram app for recording your Stories and Reels?

It’s about the quality. Video quality encompasses several components that users usually notice, describing it as a poor image. However, it is typically divided into several aspects.

Main phone camera 1.0 the best way to record a video and what is why :

-Best image quality
-Superior color reproduction. Your skin will look better.
-Wider field of view
-Performs better in low-light conditions
-Equipped with stabilization to reduce motion blur

Tap photo to watch 15sec videos about that
To see yourself in the frame, I suggest 3 options:

1. You can open the Camera app on your Apple Watch ⌚️ as I demonstrated in this video.
2. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, connect your smartphone to your MacBook using the QuickTime Player app and select «iPhone camera» from the menu. The phone screen will be displayed on the MacBook.
3. The most budget-friendly option is to place a mirror next to your phone.
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