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This 1.5-month mentoring program is your perfect fit if you're eager to learn the art of promoting your blog organically (for free) through video content. Get ready to master the skills of shooting and editing high-quality content, crafting captivating and seamless mobile editing, nurturing your blog's growth, and cracking the algorithm code. You'll discover the secrets of content ideas, scriptwriting, creating irresistible headlines, and compelling calls to action. Learn the art of blog branding and how to turn random visitors into devoted subscribers.

Uncover the magic of crafting engaging videos, designing smooth transitions, and using attention-grabbing effects right from your phone. Dive into the intricacies of smartphone camera settings, lighting, and dynamic editing synced perfectly to the beat. Understand the power of selecting the right music. Plus, embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, create your very own online product, and start selling it through your blog.

Olga's mentoring program is your ultimate solution.

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Olga Safronova
Bloger - Entrepreneur @safronova_video
Mentoring program from Olga Safronova
It's hard to believe, but back in June 2023 (May 19-June 17), my Instagram statistics were in a complete decline. Everyone talks about the need for consistency in content, but even then, I was consistently posting videos. And consistently, I was getting 1-2 thousand views.
And now I'll show you what happened in just one month!

ONLY a MONTH (June 17th - July 16th).

It's blew my mind!

In just one month,
I reached 5.5 Million accounts


All thanks to short REELS videos! Without any money investments or ad purchases! So, if you can create videos that garner views, Instagram algorithms can turn you into a popular 'star' with your own audience. Whether you're a business, an online store, or an individual (blogger). There are different types of audiences, and through content, you can not only find followers but also friends—people who may be far away in distance but close in spirit!
I can't guarantee you results like this, nor can I promise quick outcomes. However, I do possess a solid expertise in video content creation, filming, editing, and understanding algorithms, all based on my extensive testing. I'm also well-versed in the art of monetization. I'm eager to share this expertise with you.

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This program offers a deep dive into your blog, spanning

1.5 months
5 consultations with Olga
Support with vip-mentor,
Individual tasks,
Training materials

Imagine the satisfaction of mastering skills that shape your future. In our program, you'll receive carefully curated assignments, resulting in 23 compelling short videos for your content arsenal, ready for a month of consistent posting.
But there's more. As a program participant, you won't walk this path alone. You'll have exclusive access to our dedicated support chat—a lifeline throughout your journey. Here, you'll find the guidance you need while perfecting the art of crafting captivating, top-tier video content. Seize this opportunity to transform your skills, your content, and your future.

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