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Hi, I'm Olga Safronova
🚀Instagram: 106K followers, with expert Reels videos hitting 4.2M and 2.8M views
🚀TikTok: Over 1M followers in total, with expert TikTok videos reaching 9.5M and 10.5M views

Olga Safronova
🎥I started with my first commercial video project in 2009, accumulating over 10 years of experience in video shooting and editing.
💻Since 2016, I've been the owner of Safronova-video production company in Russia.
👩‍🏫In 2020, I founded Safronova-video online school, teaching content creation, mobile filming, editing, and social media promotion.
🌍Since 2022, I'm a proud business owner in the USA - INVR
Services offered:
- Video production, advertising, and event promo videos.
- Digital marketing, content creation.
- Social media promotion.

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Olga Safronova
Entrepreneur , Blogger