All you need to know to make a viral videos

3 Big Modules:

Big Module 1: Social Media Marketing

1. Defining Your Course Objectives

2. Niche Selection

3. Mastering Target Audience Identification for Social Media Success

4. Power of Personal Branding

5. Harnessing Services and Neural Networks +

30 Prompts ready to use

6. Creating the Perfect Instagram/TikTok Bio

7. Discovering Over 60 Content Ideas for Your short videos

8.Headline Highlights: A GUIDE with 500 Video Headlines Across Different Niches with examples

9. Strategizing CTA Usage for Likes, Shares, and Sales – Over 70 Call to Actions to Implement

Big Module 2: Filming and Editing

1. Optimizing Your Phone Camera Setup for Content Filming

2. Essential Rules for Video Creation – Movements, Angles, and Shots

3. Exploring Instagram and TikTok Video Content Types

4. Hands-On: Practical Exercises in Simple Video Filming

5. Beginner's Guide to Video Editing in an external App

6. Crafting Aesthetic Instagram Videos – Filming and Editing. Big Practice

7. Practice of Filming and Editing Engaging Talking Videos from Scratch

8. The Role of Music for Reels and You Need to Know

How I search music for my videos

Big Module 3: Phone Editing Magic Practice

1. Lesson: "Crowd Freeze"

2. Lesson: "Falling from phone. Potato"

3. Lesson: "Screen Emergence Magic" - Cups, Pears, and Candies

4. Lesson: 15 Cool Transitions for Reels ad TikTok

5. Lesson: "Object Extraction from Phone Video" -

6. Lesson: "Sneaker Spotlight in Video"

7. Lesson: "Clothing Showcase in Video"

8. Lesson: "Messaging Magic" - Messages Flying Out of the Phone

10. Lesson: "X-ray Phone" for unpacking

11. Lesson: "Fetching Any Object from the Screen"

12. Lesson: "Takeoff and Outfit Change"

and others

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  • Module 1 Social Media Marketing
    Niche,Target Audience, 30 Chat GPT Prompts, Perfect Instagram/TikTok Bio,
    60 Content Ideas for Your short videos, 500 Ready to use headlines and 80 CTA
  • Module 2 Video Production
    Video Filming and editing for Reels and TikTok, Camera settings, Angles, Movements, Equipment, Editing for different types of content, Color correction
  • Module 3

    Magic of editing

    19 Detailed Lessons with Magic, so people will ask you how you did that

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Promote yourself or your products through short Video content-Reels, Tiktok, Shorts
I'm Olga Safronova

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TikTok blogger about 1M subscribers summary

Instagram over 50K

  • I'm and my team working in commercial video industry more than 10 years made about 5 000 videoclips
  • I'm a founder of my studio SAFRONOVA-VIDEO and INVR LLC (USA)
  • I'm a jury member of the international competitions about video production and marketing
  • My courses have been attended by 3 thousand people in Russian Language. But now, I created my new course and translate it into English
Here are examples of what you'll be able to do after completing the course
Price $399
Lessons about
  • Music for videos
  • How TikTok and Instagram Algorithms work
    We need to know camera motions to make a beautiful shot before shooting
  • More than 500 ready to use HEADLINES
  • Talking Videos + Captions
  • Perfect BIO
    To increase followers
  • 30+ Prompts for GPT
  • Key moment- Target Audience
    More than 60 ideas for your content
  • Analyzing my 1M, 2.8M, 4.2M on Instagram
    and 30M, 10,6M and 9,5M on TikTok
Lessons about SHOOTING
  • Start - How to go Viral
    Where does it start creation short videos (REELS, TIKTOK, Shorts) and how to find ideas.
  • Сamera motion
    We need to know camera motions to make a beautiful shot before shooting
  • Settings of mobile camera
    How to record a video and how to set up FPS, FOCUS and EXPOSURE
  • Practice 1 5 sec videos, Aesthetic video
    How I made videos and editing it
  • Shoting Without shaking and shivering
  • Practice 2 Talking Videos for experts
    HOW to position your camera while shooting
  • Practic lesson with 15 amazing transitions for short videos
    We make together transitions during the shooting
Lessons about EDITING
    Editing application, all about montage on your phone, tools and practice how to use it and videotricks
  • Music
    How to download and add music in your video
  • Work with layers
    VIDEO LAYERS and what is it HOW to work with it
  • Practice 1
    Shooting+Montage /practice on Real VIDEO witch make a 7M views tiktok
  • Chromakey tool and MASKS
    Practic montage with CROMA and MASKS
  • Practice 2
  • Text and Titles
    How to Add titles and work with text
  • Home work after course
Lessons about

Please Watch examples above
  • 19 detailed Classes about this typo of video creation
  • Color Corrections
  • Catchy Transitions
  • Effects
  • Sound design
  • Masking and Chromakeying
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My course will useful for you if YOU ARE:
    You need create content quiqly and interesting
    You work like storiesmaker and want to learn more about shooting and editing video
  • Immediatly after cource you can make videos with your phone only
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